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LGBT+ VC is the first 501(c)(3) nonprofit solving the multigenerational LGBTQ wealth gap. Our nonprofit's award-winning programs offer inclusive opportunities to connect with leading investors and innovators.

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A global force for LGBTQ innovation

LGBT+ VC's educational programs are made possible by the generosity of individuals supporters. We count on your support. In fact, over 52% of our annual program budget is supported by individual donors who believe in our mission.

Our Community Ethos

We believe the future of wealth within the LGBTQ community is not a distant dream but an achievable reality. It requires dedication, strategic infrastructure, and collective commitments to create pathways for economic empowerment. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowers LGBTQ youth and allies alike.

Financial Empowerment

Our work is solving the root causes of the LGBTQ wealth gap. LGBTQ people confront systemic discrimination and economic disparities that make it nearly impossible to achieve financial freedom. LGBTQ people need fair treatment, equal opportunities, and investment in their innovation.

Celebrate Success Together

Our commitment is to foster a supportive and inclusive ecosystem; it encompasses a dedication to amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, experiences, and triumphs in venture.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our broader vision is to drive societal progress towards economic parity and foster intergenerational wealth. We aim to be an economic engine partnering with other LGBTQ nonprofits, helping the LGBTQ community overcome hardship.

The Future of Work

AI is fundamentally shifting the knowledge economy. LGBT+ VC's educational programs play a crucial role in the future of work. The programs offer skill development that covers a wide range of topics, including technical skills, soft skills, and industry-specific knowledge. These programs provide participants with practical skills and insights that are relevant to today's job market, helping them enhance their employability and advance their careers.

A new model for growing LGBT+ investment and innovation

Investor Platform

Educating, training, and convening thousands of new and active LGBTQ and ally investors annually

Industry Expertise

Bridging communities from Stonewall to Silicon Valley

Scalable Business

Be at the forefront of innovation and growth for venture-backed


Join us in reshaping the investment landscape. Diversity is fundamental driver of success and social progress.

what We've heard

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Hands down the BEST VC event I've ever been to. You are incredible!!!!!

-Program Participant
LGBT+ VC has emerged as a beacon of hope, actively addressing disparities through its innovative programming and strategic approach to the VC industry’s LGBTQ-inclusion infrastructure dilemma.

-Philanthropic Partner
Amazing program, marquee speakers, and valuable VC networking opportunity!

-Program Participant
Incredible event and group of people! Thanks for having me and exciting to continue collaborating ❤️

-Program Partner
I really enjoyed being part of LGBT+ VC in these six weeks. I had lots of fun exploring different companies and seeing what they were like.

-LGBT+ VC Alumni
LGBT+ VC transformed our vision into reality. Their support is a partnership for lasting success.

Loved your Pride Summit. It was very cute!

-Summit participant
I really enjoyed being part of LGBT+ VC in these six weeks. I had lots of fun exploring different companies and seeing what they were like.

-LGBT+ VC Alumni

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