LGBT VC Prodigy

A 6-week youth workforce development program for high school LGBTQ students 

LGBT VC Prodigy is designed to provide queer and trans youth with an introduction to business, venture capital, and entrepreneurial skills. Participants learn about the fundamentals of venture capital, explore innovative ideas in finance, and develop their entrepreneurial mindset. Participants learn how to become queer venture capitalists of tomorrow. Through interactive discussions, guest speakers, and capstone projects, students gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue proven pathways to prosperity. The program is offered in partnership with NYC's Mayor's Office to support first-generation and LGBTQ youth across the city.

Our Internship Class of 2023

Nairi N. (she/her)

New York, NY

Kaimi C. (he/him)

New York, NY

Sid M. (she/her)

New York, NY

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